The Kerava Library
Game Nights

Every friday 16.00-22.00

Where/ When

The Satusiipi-space of the Kerava library every Friday 15.30-22.00. You can arrive at any point within that time period so long as you take not of the following:

  • If you arrive after 16.15 it would be great if you could notify us of your arrival beforehand (information can be found at the bottom of the page), so we can arrange our first games appropriately.
  • The library closes it’s front doors at 18.00. If you arrive after that, please notify us of your arrival beforehand.

The status of the game nights during holidays will be notified of on this page.

For who/ Why

Board games are a wonderful hobby for young adults and adult adults, who wish to participate in an activity in a social environment without having to worry too much about the level of socializing. Board gaming helps hone several skills and it’s a rather creative hobby within the framework of each individual game.

Supposedly it’s quite fun as well.


The barrier to entry to the Kerava library open game nights is intended to be as low as possible. All we require of you is your presence in the space and the ability to follow the principles of creating a safer space. Signing up beforehand is not needed (though greatly appreciated should you arrive after the initial 15 minutes), and you don’t need to bring anything but yourself. All games will be taught before playing if there’s even one new player involved.

Of course, you can bring your own games. You can also borrow games from the library.


Satusiipi is a multi-purpose space on the 1st floor of the Kerava library. It’s located at the back of the kids/youth section, behind a white sliding door. The library employees will gladly assist you to find the space, or you can view the video next to this text to see instructions on arrival.

Click here to see the video instruction

Q & A

Do I need to know the rules for the games beforehand?

Absolutely not. Most of the games are taught before each play, since rarely all players are already familiar with it.

What age are the players?

Our regular players range in age between 15-50.

Can I bring a child with me to the board game night?

Satusiipi can fit 70 people (practically 6-12 tables of players), so we definitely have space for all ages. However, if your child is younger than a teenager (or just needs more attention) we recommend bringing your own games that they already know, as the hobby-centric selection of games in the events might not have anything suited for the youngest players.

What games do you play?

We play board games across the spectrum, from lighter family games to heavier hobbyist games. The games we play are always selected according to the desires and wishes of the players involved.

The games we play are recorded (within a few days of each game night) on the Played Games -page, where you can get acquainted with them.

Can I play role-playing or miniatures games in the board game events?

Sure! The 70-person/6-12 table space in Satusiipi is large enough to support this sort of activity.

Does coming to the board game nights cost anything?

No. The board game events in the Kerava library are entirely free-of-charge.

Signing up beforehand

You don’t need to sign up beforehand to the Kerava library games. However, if you wish to do so (for example to notify us of arriving later or arranging your arrival after 18.00) you can e-mail us at